Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Representing Philly: Fresh Baked Cookie Cutter available at Mew Gallery

Hello, Hello...
 Cookie Cutter's Hucci and G&V crew/tee styles are now available online at Mew Gallery...(we are keepin' it real in the local art scene.) 
Mew Gallery is located in the lovely, yet cholesterol-filled heart of Philly's Italian Market (in South Phila, for those who don't know!)..... a stone's throw from Pat's & Geno's, the holy grail of cheesesteak goodness.
So, c'mon,  shop online!... or,  if you happen to be in Philly, stop by Mew Gallery, and then grab yourself  an acclaimed gooey cheesesteak.  
What more can you ask for?  Hucci crews, cheesesteaks, cannolis, Soprano-esque high hair & gold chains..... all in a 4 block radius. 
God, I luv this city.

Mew Gallery. 906 Christian Street, Phila., PA 19147.215.625.2424