Thursday, May 29, 2008


... is this crap music popular?  And isn't he on trial now for having sex with 14 yr olds? What music exec decided that this is a good song? I'm confused as to how something like this comes to fruition.  I had to look up the lyrics online because it's just so ridiculous to me.  Moral of this story: Money and popularity take precedent over talent.  I really wish he was still trapped in that damn closet.


Zig-Zag straight back doin my hairbraider / zig-zag straight back doin my hairbraider
Hairbraider huh I'm doin my hairbraider
and she do my hair so good that I'm gonna tip her
The way she strip for me I gotta tip her

Verse 1:
Hair grease comb now shawty get readay
Bout to roll threw rain on ya like confettay
Can't wait to see the booty shake like jellay
Zig-zag braids got em lookin like spaghettay
Ohh she like me (like me)
Ohh she sexy (sexy)
She freaky and on top of that she (braider)
(Hustla) a fly mama
(Hustla) she gettin dollaz
(Hustla) drive a black impala
(Hustla) she pop her colla
She says that the style that I want is gonna take her like all night
Well thats cool wit me so lets get it
How convenient because when she's done I'm gonna hit like all night
and it no other chick like my hairbraider.

Verse 2:
I can't wait to see her when it comes to the weekend
cause Im a hit that ass when it comes to the weekend
play some cards, braid my hair, creep wit me on weekends
She can't take me on the weekday cause her man be tweakin
Now she got many styles from the twist down to extensions
And I got many styles (zig-zags straight back)
Man she so cool wit me
Hang wit the dudes wit me
then take some shots wit me
She keeps it trill wit me


Zig-Zags straight back doin my hairbraider (repeat 3x)
Oh she braid my hair in the middle of the night
Oh sometimes it gets so late she spend the night
And my hairbraida so hot I call her my booty shop 
She so fly ain't no other chick like my...
(Chorus to fade...)